Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ICLW Attempt and I need stuff to blog about....

For those of you who read this blog, you know that my attempt at NCLM was a total failure. So, here we are, 2nd day into ICLW and I am optimistic.

Thanks to all of you who commented on my previous post. It is certainly a complicated issue, and I truly wish the "pregnant man" and his family well, but as many of you commented, it still jabs me in the IF. And as others commented, it does make me feel a little bit like a failure.

So, I need something to blog about. My other blog is where I write about my normal, everyday life, but this blog was supposed to be strictly about our struggles to start a family. Because we have been "taking it easy" and "taking time off" from actively trying, I've found my mind is not as occupied with babies as much as it was. Which is good and what we wanted. But, now I need to think of things to write about here on this blog. If I keep with the theme of this blog, I guess it should be infertility, family, etc. related.

Any suggestions?

Here are a few ideas I had. Some things/issues that I have been thinking of lately.

1. deciding if IF treatment is right for us (we're not sure we want to pursue treatment)
2. deciding to pursue treatment or just let the chips fall where they may
3. (a variation on the same theme) deciding that our lives will be ok without kids if that is what our future holds
4. thinking about adoption
5. How to respond to people's questions about having kids, without getting defensive or punching them in the face


MamaSoon said...

All of those fit! It isn't just an infertility thing in my eyes. Why can't it just be about your thoughts about and journeys in forming a family? (ICLW) Good luck to you.

Lisa said...

Here from ICLW.

I know what you mean about nothing to write. Although it wasn't by choice, we've basically been on a break since February and I started my blog in that time. There are times when I think "what the heck am I going to write about when nothing is happening???"

nh said...

So much about our lives tend to revolve about IF that when you have a break, it does mean less to blog about (I know from experience, I'm trying to blog more about everyday life now)... all those things that you suggested sound good;


BrandiH2007 said...

I have to say I wouldn't know what to write about either if I wasn't concentrating so hard on TTC. We are thinking about taking a break too though. I think your blog could include any thoughts that pertain to forming your family.

I found your blog on ICLW.

Nit said...

Hola from ICLW!

Love the "how to respond to people's questions without punching them in the face" bwahaha!!!

I would love to hear your suggestions for that one :)

Helene Taylor, Esq. said...

That's a tough call. Blogging when the mind is a blank can be a challenge. Perhaps you could talk about infertility in the news or your community, keeping it close to your topic.

Good luck.
Came to you from ICLW

Rela Pantaleon-Manigsaca said...


Just like you, I do have a separate blog for infertility which is at http://befruitfulsaga.com. Since I am on a treatment this cycle, it is the one that is being used more than my "personal blog". (I do go by a pseudonym Arpee in my infertility blog, btw.)

I read one of your blogs last year re cost. That is one of the things I am writing about too since we do not have insurance coverage for it.

Meanwhile, I agree with mamasoon - thoughts are good to blog about, not just "events".

BTW, 2 things:
1)You may know this already but you're still at the age where IF treatment stats are better. Try not to take a lot of time thinking about it as your body clock is tick-tocking!
2) Re "how to respond to people's questions", there's plenty of books with great ideas out there. Not sure what your religious persuasion is but here's a good one: When the Cradle is Empty

Sue said...

from ICLW...Sometimes I struggle for blog material in general and it seems really difficult when you are under pressure! (like this week!) I feel like if any of those ideas you listed are on your mind, then they seem like good things to blog about to me.

Mandy said...

I think you keep it true to who and where you are. IF is a cycle. One month you are fine and ready to leave it all behind. The next is encompassed with thoughts of a baby. If right now, you are at peace with where you are. Write about that and things that happen that either confirm or go against what you 'say' you are feeling. A girl is allowed to change her mind so if in the future you fall off the wagon and start the IF journey again you write about that. This, where you are right now IS part of your IF story. Just my opinion. OH, and if you want to know how to respond to people who ask why you don't have children you could say, "Because I'm afraid they will grow up to be insensitive hussies like you." LOL
(Visitor from ICLW)

Sian said...

Hi from ICLW. I love number five. I was so proud of myself on Saturday as some idiot told me to 'just relax' again. I very calmly told this person that 'just realxing' is not going to help if your eggs are dead! Hehehe. SHe then aproached the conversation with a lot more sensitivity.

candy said...

hi from iclw. we stopped treatment two years ago and i still blog about infertility and its effects. i think even writing about how it feels to be taking a break is a good topic!

and i love #5 on your list!


LisaS said...

Personal blogs evolve as we do, and reflect where we are in life. All of those topics are valid fodder, and directly related to the TTC/IF/starting a family journey.

hang in there, and enjoy the hiatus.

(happy ICLW)

Amber said...


You'll find your way eventually. My thought are as follows: If you think you will regret not trying fertility treatments then you should do them sooner than later. Getting pregnant only gets harder. If you can be fine without a bio-kid or living child-free then you have more choices. More choices can make decisions harder.

Echloe said...

I like your idea for #5. I'm currently working on what to say to people. I either want to punch them or break down in tears.


Murgdan said...

I've been asked #5 more lately, I guess 'cause I just finished school, so people think you have to follow the 'natural order' of the rest of the world. I just smile and reassure the nosy curious cat that 'you'll be the very first one I tell when we decide'. Either that or the "I dunno--have you seen the fertility fairy anywhere lately?"

Or you could stick with the punching. that works.

Kim said...

Hope your writers block clears and the ideas start flowing! iclw