Monday, December 10, 2007

Should it be this hard?

Should getting pregnant be this hard? I guess they do say that all good things come to those who wait and things worth having are worth fighting for and slow and steady wins the race, but is something you have to struggle with so much really meant to be?

We had positive results from our first round of tests. My progesterone levels indicate that I am ovulating and W has a 99 million strong troop force. We need to find out if his swimmers are able to reach their target or are swimming in circles. But the lab we are working with makes it nearly impossible to do this. W has to drive out to a lab in the outskirts of our town to "collect" the sample. Then he has to take it himself to another lab by driving to Springfield (an adjacent town) within 15 minutes to have it analyzed. They suggest holding the "sample" under your armpit while you drive to keep it warm. Does this seem like too much work for someone to have to go through just to get your sperm looked at? We thought so.

More than anything it is just another example of how hard this seems to be for us compared to others. It just seems like everything is a struggle. I think we will stop struggling for awhile.